Friends With Benefits… Sex Benefits (to be clear)

A fuck buddy is just a friend with benefits. The idea here is that you can have sex with this ‘friend’ without worrying about Valentine’s Day gifts or anniversaries. Usually, people meet their “buddies” without planning. All it takes is mutual attraction and a little bit of flirting for fuck buddy kind of arrangement to take off. You can opt for finding a fuck buddy by approaching the man or woman who smiles ate you in public. However, most of the people who smile or wink at you in public tend to be creepy old men or desperate women looking for husbands. If that is your experience, you can always find casual sex websites online.

Most people go to these websites without knowing proper etiquette. Their expectations for having friends with ‘benefits ‘are usually unrealistic and out of this comes complications that could have been avoided. Here are five things you should expect from a fuck buddy arrangement:

No emotions or feelings should be had

There will be no emotional attachment or feelings that could lead to a relationship. So, never get into such arrangements if you know you easily form emotional attachments with sexual partners. It will not end well. If you develop feelings for your ‘friend’ unexpectedly, then it is time to sit down and be honest with him or her before disaster happens. Nobody will blame you for developing feelings for this person but try to be honest with him or her before jealousy or hatred sets in.

Avoid people in relationships

So, you finally meet her and she has all the things you like in all the right places and you decide she is compatible to you. Then she tells you she is married. That should be the siren that should send you running to the opposite direction. An adulterous relationship never ends well and is plagued with complications. You don’t want to get involved in a screaming match with a stranger claiming you stole his wife or her husband. You did not go through all the trouble, looking for no-strings attached love, only to get threatening text messages.

Friend Mixing not a good idea. You’re gonna have a bad time.

You probably forgot you were in a casual sex relationship when you introduced your fuck buddy to your friends. Then your friends started putting ideas in your head about how the two of you ‘look good together’ or ‘you should date’. Even more terrifying is if your friends grow attached to your friend. You don’t want your friend with benefits hanging around with your friends after you have ended you naughty affair.

Wear a rubber

Condoms were not only invented to prevent pregnancies but also to prevent you from contracting STDs. It does not matter whether your friend with benefits says they are clean; people lie sometimes. This should be one of the conditions you need to agree on even before you meet in person. At the end of the day it always better to be safe than sorry.

Have some respect

Your fuck buddy is not a door mat for you to wipe your feet on. The experience you have together should be fun for the both of you, so do not sign out once you have peaked. You can never have real fun with someone you do not respect or someone you are not attracted to.

In conclusion, you should keep in mind is that your sex buddy will not always be around to satisfy you. So, always have a plan B in case he or she meets someone else or gets into a relationship.

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